Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Lowrance Road, Memphis, TN, USA

Food Poisoning 4 months ago
Lowrance Road, Memphis, 38125 Tennessee, United States
Total all time reports: 1
Total all time sick persons: 1
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Lowrance Road, Memphis, TN, USA
“My mother loves as I do myself and everything is usually the same there except after we ate there today I immediately started feeling like something wasnt right and I became very very nauseous then i was at Lowes just minutes later with my mother and I was so nervous from the way I was feeling I started cleaning my nails with my knife because that keeps my mind focused but I knew I was going to get sick, I was getting dizzy and sweating so bad and I saw a worker in a camoflauge vest that i believe was the manager and I was going to ask him where could i get sick if i throw up because i didnt want to be disrespectful but he was on his phone and I decided to just toughen up. We cut out the next errand and went straight home and I was feeling so horrible and dizzy and sick that I knew I should pull over if it gets any worse and just make myself throw up and I will next time. When I got home and threw up and had violent diarrhea then I slept for hours and woke up with blood pressure 149 over 106. It's never that high ever and I realized that when we left the manager or some young man in a blue shirt did not say anything to anyone else but he spoke to us and said how was your food and something else. It was just strange because we have ate there 100 times and nobody said anything to us except the waitress and cashier. I had biscuits with sawmill gravy and country ham. I am still so sick but my mother is the best Nurse ever so I will be ok hopefully I just think it's really strange that I got sick this time and the manager or whoever asked us how the food was and I am paranoid but I swear he looked at me like he was making sure I was ok. Maybe he knows something I dont.”
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1 person had — diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting