Pizza Hut, University Boulevard, Round Rock, Texas, USA

Food Poisoning 5 months ago
University Boulevard, Round Rock, 78665 Texas, United States
Total all time reports: 1
Total all time sick persons: 4
Pizza Hut, University Boulevard, Round Rock, Texas, USA
“All 4 of us still sick on 6/9 after ordering 2 pan pizza ordered online at 3:51 pm, it's was out for delivery at 405pm , and DELIVERED SATURDAY JUNE 8 2019 shortly after 415pm according to text msg from them, got a call to verify order 20 hours ago at 353pm

Still sick 20 hrs later, all 4 of us My father , my daughter, her friend and myself ate pieces from both but the one that was eaten the most was large pan pizza meatball and pepperoni w garlic flavoring.
We all developed sickness after eating Most of #1 except 2 pieces
#1 (ate all but 2 pieces) was a
Lage 2 topping pan pizza w pepperoni and meatballs garlic flavored added
#2 (ate only 2 pieces) was a
Large 2 topping pan pizza Italian sausage banana peppers marinara

Symptoms began about 30 mins after eating so about 445pm we began getting bloated feeling, and not belching, but had the feeling of being very full a d pressure in abdomen, we began getting a massive headache, sweaty, gassy, feeling achy, my chest was hurting, and had stiff neck, I laid down, and couldn't move bc I felt weak and clammy ..feeling like I was going to puke, I got some water bc sudden thirst ,the sick feeling and bechy bloating was followed a massive head ache, chest pain, nausea, queezy , feverish, chills, sweating about 30 mins after eating, but that was mild in comparison to what it became later, about an hour after eating we all were complaining of various but similar symptoms above, then at 2 am I had not gotten out of bed bc I was miserable, daughter and friend same thing, father went home said same thing today, I threw up after sipping water not 1x but 3 in a row, and it was nasty, heeving, everything came up and then it was on full blown, it's 21 hours later my father and I still have symptoms my daughter just feel so fluish, her friend ddint have much pizza but I took her home at 10am.and she said I've got to poop bad pls hurry,
So the more you ate the worse it was, im.furious about this, and nealry called ER bc I felt like the cheat pain and aches in arm shoulder were heart related and worried I was having a stroke or heart attack as I was in the ER last Friday and had extrelly high blood pressure, so this didn't help me keep calm

Ordered specials on tb all the time
Large 2 topping pan pizza w meatball and pepperoni w garlic flavored crust and marinara is main suspect and pizza has a rotten smell to it today u couldn't smell when it came to door hot. I haven't had pizza hut in 20 years, and will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVEN CONSIDER ANYTHING FROM ANY LOCATION IN THE WORLD NOR WILL MY CHIKD HER CHILDREN MY FAMILY, IM NOT DONE WITH THIS EITHER”
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Doctor Visit : Yes
Diagnosis: Hospital
4 people had — diarrhea, fever, nausea and vomiting