Starbucks, Miller Place, Smithtown, NY, USA

Food Poisoning 4 months ago
Miller Place, Smithtown, 11787 New York, United States
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Starbucks, Miller Place, Smithtown, NY, USA
“I went with my friend and we got our orders at 1:20pm. I had a dragonfruit frap (that is coconut milk for the first layer, mango refresher for the second later, 2 scoops of dragonfruit, cremé base, and whipped cream), a chicken and bacon sandwich, half a chocolate croissant, and a bit of a bag of salt & vinegar chips. We were walking around Port Jeff for community day, and around 4:30pm (only three hours later) I started feeling nauseous, and we went to sit in a Starbucks since I needed water and to get inside. Barely five minutes later I started throwing up. My stomach hasn't been alright since and it's 8am.”
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