VIK Hotel Arena Blanca All Inclusive, Carretera, Bavaro (La Altagracia), Dominican Republic

Food Poisoning 4 months ago
Carretera, Bavaro (La Altagracia), 23301 La Altagracia, Dominican Republic
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Total all time sick persons: 4
VIK Hotel Arena Blanca All Inclusive, Carretera, Bavaro (La Altagracia), Dominican Republic
“I went there with a freind of mine, arriving on March 6th. On March 9th, suddenly in the late afternoon I started feeling a lack of appetite and right afterwards a nausea started. In the evining I already had a heavy diarrhea and vomiting, which I have never experienced any time before in my life. The vomiting was very heavy, lasting the entire night and I had a feeling that it would never stop. It made me feel week, but I was very fortunate that it stopped in the morning. Until my departure I basically stopped eating everything except for rice and bread with butter, being so scared that it would start again. The friend of mine fell sick the same night as well, with exactly the same symptomps. Hotel staff didn't show any understanding at all, telling us that we were the first guests experiencing something like this and that it had never happened before. It was not true at all, because the evening when the sickness started, I went to a restaurant toilet and heard a lady vomiting as well. I've been to some exotic places before, but have never had stomach issues. The first time it ever happened to me was in Punta Cana and the sickenss was the heaviest one I have ever experienced. I'm grateful that it stopped from its own and that I could return home safely... Something horrible happens at the resorts in Dominicana and the governmental institutions shall work on resolving the case before any tourists can go there.”
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